Framework for Websites and Software Applications

Now, getting the industry-oriented website for your business is easy with the power of Drupal.The open source content management system framework provides a back-end framework for most websites today. These websites can be in any category such as blogs, personal, E-commerce, corporate, political and even government.We are committed to delivering Drupal as a major accessible tool that helps you build websites with accessibility so that the website can easily be accessed by many people and even the ones who are visually impaired.Drupal is a feature-rich, open source tool that creates amazing websites. Either you want the website for your personal use or for business purposes, your website will have all the latest features and functionalities which works across various devices such as a laptop, smartphone, and tablet.We give your website a rich web application interface in order to enhance its usability. Drupal has the ability to enrich your website with robust accessibility features both at the administrator level and the visitor side.

Accessibility features in the Drupal framework

Our developers use Drupal to create visually attractive websites for you which contains rich features that give your website more functionality across different software platforms and devices.Drupal offers numerous features to website administrators and visitors as well. Some of the main features can be listed as:

  • User account registration
  • Menu management
  • Color density
  • Image handling
  • Form labeling
  • Search engine form and presentation
  • RSS feeds
  • Page layout customization
  • Removal of duplicate tags
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Page-level navigation
  • Module accessibility
  • Multi-featured themes
  • System administration

Apart from the various features stated above, the Drupal framework also serves as a simple website, a single or a multi-user blog, an internet forum, or a community website providing user-generated content to its visitors.You can have your website dynamically presentable on all supported web browsers with added features. Time is changing and technology is changing rapidly. Give your website new features and functionalities that will help your website gain efficiency, security, and popularity.