Keep your site maintained and risk-free through our live support service. Get suggestions from our team of certified specialists.With our dedicated customer support experts, you will not face any problems and avail easy, simple solutions on the go.

Why Live Support?


When risks occur in your site, we help you get rid of any problems so that you live each day with zero hassle. Our web-enabled strategy helps in catering the objectives of our clients worldwide. We will take care of any errors that lurk in your website and give you an error-free experience


Get answers and advice from our certified experts that will help you manage your site more efficiently. Our experts are certified specialists with years of expertise to assist you in finding answers and suggestions. We provide resolutions to various issues that could come up with your website.


Our on-demand and live customer support is here to guide you 24*7 and help you deal with any issues or errors that you may experience with your site. We are always committed to providing efficient services with guaranteed satisfaction.

Get Your Success Tool

The growth of internet-driving technologies have not only gone up to be the most successful medium for information transmission, it has also unpacked new opportunities for business like selling, buying and marketing.

Therefore, only having a website is not sufficient for your online business. In order to drive your business towards success, you will need the correct formula that will fit your business equation.

Our Live Support Has For More You

Live chat support

Chat with our experts instantly and get solutions right away. We will help you fix problems and provide solutions to your questions any time you want. All you have to do is reach out to our experts.

On-demand phone support

Our on-demand phone support is the quickest way to respond to your queries and issues. Just call us at (phone number) and we will solve the issues that you are experiencing with your site.

Email support

We provide support and assistance to our customers via email as well. You can email us your issues or questions and we will promptly.

24*7 service operation

Our 24*7 support service is industry-compliant and provides solutions to any issues that you encounter with your site. Call us any time and at your comfort if you need any assistance for your site. We are always here to help you.

Our Plan

Essential Services
$19.95/$199.95 mo/yr
WordPress Updates
3 Small Jobs/Month
Help In Theme/Plugin Updates
Expedited Ticket
Maintenance And Bugs Fixes
Monthly Malware And Security Scans
Free Malware Cleanups
Add On Hours
24*7 Monitoring
Essential Plus Services
$49.95/$449.95 mo/yr
Dedicated Developer For Better Assistance
Performance Monitoring
5 Small Jobs/Month
Maintenance And Bugs Fixes
Weekly Malware And Security Scans
2 Publishing Jobs/Month
Help In Theme/Plugin Updates
Email/Live Phone Calls Support
Uptime Monitoring 24*7
Google Analytics
Free SSL Certificate
Support For Upto 3 Websites


What is live support?

Our live support is a quick and efficient way to seek assistance and find answers to questions in concern with your website.

How do I contact support service?

You can reach us on our support phone number (phone number) and Email (email address) any time.

Do I need to provide additional information with regards to the issues that I am experiencing?

No. We only require basic information about the issues that you experience with your website to deal with.

Is the support service open day and night?

Yes. We operate our services 24*7 and are available to cater to the needs of our customers.

Can I cancel the services?

Yes. You can cancel your services, if:
1) you are going with monthly charges.
2) you pay for annual subscription, you have 30 days of trial period after deducting a one-time fee as per your issue.