Merchant gateway enables payment options in websites. Many online stores have adopted the online payment gateway services for carrying out their daily commercial activities.However, errors may also lurk around the corner, if anything tries to go wrong. Therefore, it is, yet again, that errors might generally occur if the online payment gateway invokes an issue.

Getting common Merchant errors

Think of it as a common incident when you experience errors while dealing with commercial activities online.We have listed a few of the common errors that could occur with the Merchant gateway. These are as follows:

  • Transaction cannot be accepted
  • The reference transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit
  • The Merchant login ID or password is invalid
  • The account is inactive
  • Override duplicate threshold not allowed
  • Seller accepts encrypted website payments only
  • Instant payment notifications are failing
  • Security header is not valid 10002
  • The transaction was refused as a result of a duplicate invoice ID supplied
  • Response Code: 23. Response Message: Invalid Account Number
  • Response Code: 26. Invalid vendor account

Avail support services to rectify the errors

If the errors that you see are completely new to you, then you need not worry. A support that is you will get. These are common errors because they have been experienced by other users at one point. The resolutions are available now.So, you can breathe in well and rely on our experts to give you the quick and efficient solution, if you are among the users who have just encountered errors in Merchant gateway.

  • Support for creating or adding a Merchant account
  • Integrating payment gateway into your website
  • Consultation from the experts and their analysis